The Original

Lullaby Lovey



The Original Lullaby Lovey

Whether you are rocking, walking, strolling or driving, LoveyLu makes sleep easier for you and your little one. LoveyLu provides comfort and soothing lullabies wherever, whenever. Studies show, lullabies help children fall and stay asleep, increase communication skills, and regulate behavior. LoveyLu’s soft fabric and adorable design provides children with a sense of comfort, emotional support and have shown to help with further relaxation while catching zzz’s.

Soothing Lullabies

Brahms' Lullaby

Haydn Symphony 94

JS Bach Prelude 1

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Beethovens Romance No. 2


Re- charge anywhere

Play Lullabies

Increase sleep

Safety Tested

Designed by Mommy

About LoveyLu

Meet Lindsey and her son/business partner, Hudson! LoveyLu all started with one “simple” nap. One afternoon while Hudson held tightly to his lovey, Lindsey paced the house to “walk” him to sleep. After hearing the lullabies stream from his room, she realized they couldn’t keep up with her constant motion throughout the house. Light bulb! Why not create a lovey that plays lullabies! And LoveyLu was born! Lindsey and Hudson hope LoveyLu brings joy, cuddles and most importantly sleep to you and your little one.