See What LoveyLu Customers Are Saying

My daughter is obsessed with her LoveyLu! The lullabies + the soft material creates the perfect companion for longer afternoon naps! Ultimate cuddles!

As a mom of 3 young children, it’s a constant challenge to keep my littlest child on a good sleeping schedule. We are often on the go with activities and school for my 6 and 7 year old, so the one year old baby has to be able to sleep on the go or at varying times. Having a LoveyLu is a total savior for this! It allows my baby to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer… which is key for a happy baby (and happy mommy!). I used to carry around a blankie, a stuffed animal and a sound machine… but now I just bring this! It’s easy and convenient and soooo soft. Can’t say enough about it… genius invention! Where was this when my older kids were little?? LOVE IT!!

A must- have baby product! My son can’t go to sleep without his LoveyLu!

Thank all things holy for the LoveyLu! My little guy can't fall asleep without his, and its so wonderful that I can even charge it in the car with the USB. We just can't leave home without it. The lullabies are sweet and soothing (not annoying like some of our other toys) and it is really quite precious watching our son cuddle with it. This is such a staple at our home- Thank you LoveyLu!